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The HK Happy Hour podcast is all about the hosts' love for TVB dramas and how the shows have intertwined in our personal and professional lives. Born and raised in Vancouver (Canada) and Los Angeles (USA) our hosts Aysa and PK had difficulties relating to a lot of Hollywood TV shows and movies. Raised in a traditional Cantonese household, TVB dramas closely resonated their upbringing and family values. We hope to bring in a safe and supportive community where we all can share our experiences together (and love for TVB shows) through discussions on our social pages.


We continue on with TVB's (comedic) tradition of having an English name that does not translate to its Chinese title. Hence, HK Happy Hour 一齊八: 港視講非. 

Expect us to talk about TVB dramas in thematic ways: there will be moments where we discuss how specific episodes or shows are relatable to our personal lives through life reflections and life lessons. And moments were we talk about shipping characters together from respective TVB shows (and rant why hasn't it happened yet for some), hypothetic scenarios (i.e. would you rather...), fandom shows, episodes and awards for talented TVB artists.


We want to clarify that this is not a gossip outlet. We are here to live and learn by sharing experiences through TVB. Regardless if we have experienced it or not, we come with an open mind to listen to others (our viewers and vice versa). As the saying goes, all experiences are valid. We follow the moving your best forward model for improvement: everyone is not perfect, we all make mistakes so it is important to learn from these experiences to move forward for continuous improvement and self-growth.


We want to take a moment to say "thank you" to Subtle TVB Traits family (join this awesome group if you haven't already). Without their encouragement, support and nudges, this would have not come to fruition (you all know who you are!).


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